March 14, 2013

Pique buyers’ interest while maintaining company values

The value of a technology company could have large ramifications during the mergers and acquisitions process. If a business is overvalued, then prospective buyers are likely to ignore it, which would leave a struggling organization on the market for years. However, undervalued firms might quickly sell but financial objectives could be lost in the process, according to a contribution piece in technology and business blog Inc.

The article explained that sellers need to execute strategies designed to convert goodwill to demonstrated business value. One aspect to keep in mind is to prioritize employee retention and development. Strong relationships between team members will show prospective buyers that the company is stable and has the ability to work through different issues.

“Businesses that offer a unique product or service have a tendency to pique buyers’ interest,” the article explained. “By differentiating your business from other local providers, you can significantly improve its goodwill value – especially if you can demonstrate that customers perceive your business as the community’s sole provider of an in-demand product or service offering.”

Additionally, it’s important to benchmark everything, as this demonstrates the cash value of goodwill. By gauging customer loyalty, employee retention and other measurements against industry and regional benchmarks, a company can accurately calculate its intangible value.

Smaller companies, especially those with a technological specialty, are well-advised to work with merger and acquisition consultants. These professionals understand where such companies are coming from, and will work with them every step of the way to guarantee that the best financial deal is found that also keeps an organization’s values in mind.

Company mergers can often be a complicated process, but when firms take the time to educate themselves, a comprehensive deal can be found that will ensure the business is bought for a fair price.