April 10, 2014

PluralSight acquires Digital-Tutors

It can be a cost-effective option for many companies to turn to online training courses to handle some of their employee training needs. For this reason, some companies that provide these services are growing and expanding. One such company is Salt-Lake City based provider of online training services, PluralSight, which has recently announced the acquisition of Digital-Tutors in a $45 million deal, according to PluralSight's website and reported by TechCrunch. 

Until the acquisition, PluralSight had been a provider of online training courses geared toward professional developers. By adding Digital-Tutors, the company has doubled the number of available courses, expanding its offerings to more than 3,000 courses that now include creative topics as well.

With the addition of the Digital-Tutors library of creative courses, the companies' customers can now receive access to a wider breadth of training topics. Some of the companies that have used Digital-Tutors to help train employees include Pixar, Nike and DreamWorks, according to PluralSight's website. Digital-Tutors is used to provide training in creative applications like graphic design and animation, while PluralSight's original offerings were only focused toward the needs of developers.

"Bringing Digital-Tutors on board has positioned PluralSight as a complete solution for professional technology and creative skills training," said Pluralsight CEO and co-founder Aaron Skonnard in a press release. "In the competitive e-learning space, where most companies have brought skills training to beginning and mid-level enthusiasts, we are cementing our status as a career catalyst and go-to resource for the serious professional."

The online education market is becoming increasingly competitive as e-learning is a $56.2 billion industry expected to double by 2015, according to eLearningIndustry. Online courses are a cost-efficient option to traditional training that can help businesses save time and money and also increase productivity.