July 12, 2013

Poynting makes technology acquisition to bolster digital options

South Africa-based Poynting Holdings, which makes television antennas, recently entered into agreements to acquire African Union Communications (Aucom) for R49.5 million. In a company statement, Poynting officials explained that the move would strengthen the organization's opportunities in the digital TV market.

Poynting added that over the last two years, it has collaborated with Aucom in developing digital television (DTV) opportunities. The technology acquisition will also benefit customers across the continent, as the International Telecommunication Union has created a requirement that all of Africa switch to digital TV broadcasts by 2015.

"Excellent synergies have developed between the two parties, with Aucom — for whom terrestrial digital TV solutions is the core service offering — servicing the transmission (infrastructure) business, and the Poynting digital TV unit contributing its new intellectual property and technology, which is aimed at the consumer side of the industry," Poynting said in a statement.

Finding synergy to benefit all parties

As technology continues to evolve, it is essential for businesses to keep pace. That way, they can continue to offer the most up-to-date products and services to their customers. For companies that operate in technological fields, it is even more imperative that they remain current with the latest trends.

M&A activity is an ideal solution to ensure that businesses can stay profitable and customers remain satisfied. The right opportunity through technology mergers and acquisitions has the potential to benefit all parties involved.

It does not need to take years to finalize the right option either. When two companies that complement one another can reach an agreement, it is essential that organization leaders are willing to push through and work toward completion. That way, businesses and their consumers remain satisfied.