November 22, 2013

Signature Technology acquires new customer service division

In an effort to expand its global customer base, Phoenix-based data center services provider Signature Technology Group recently announced that it has acquired GlassHouse Technologies Inc.'s customer services division, according to an article in the Phoenix Business Journal.

The news source reported that GlassHouse, based in Southborough, Massachusetts, provides IT strategic consulting and managed services for data centers, the cloud and security. Though Signature Technology Group only has 105 employees, this technology acquisition is expected to allow the company to offer its services around the world.

"We feel the (Signature Tech) acquisition of our (customer support services) business is one that makes the most long-term sense for our valued customers," Jeff Wakely, GlassHouse's chief financial officer and treasurer, said in a statement. "(Signature Tech's) experience and long-term focus on data center post warranty support services matches perfectly with the needs of the (GlassHouse's customer support services) customer group."

The specific financial details of the agreement were not made public. However, the news source did report that GlassHouse employees will not have to relocate.

"The (GlassHouse) acquisition brings a strong international presence to the (Signature Tech) offerings and customer base," Kevin Nohl, Signature Tech's vice president of technology and consulting services, said in a statement. "(Signature Tech) now provides high-quality customer support and service delivery in over 50 countries and 250 international cities while managing millions of dollars of active inventory for our international customers. With the acquisition, (Signature Tech's) portfolio of managed devices includes state-of-the-art network and storage devices that requires a company with both international presence and strong engineering talent to meet and exceed the customer's expectations."

Following the deal, Signature Technology will be able to operate in 192 countries.