October 28, 2016

Software Developer Inviqa Acquires Byng

Inviqa has announced that it will acquire Byng.

In today's digital environment, an expertise in mobile app development and other digital services is crucial. Software companies are taking this lesson to heart when they consider merger opportunities.

In early October, Inviqa, a web and software development company based in the U.K., announced that it would be acquiring software consultancy Byng. Byng is known for its expertise in mobile app development, and has worked with BT, Virgin Atlantic, Allianz and Telefonica, among many other clients.

In a press release, offer new digital services to clients and expand their reach as a business.

"In today's fast-paced digital era, swift and agile technology has never been more important in enabling brands to keep pace with changes in customer behavior in order to meet their business goals," Spitzer said. "Byng's expertise complements Inviqa's experience in ecommerce, content management, and digital innovation, and will help ensure our clients continue to reach their customers in new and innovative ways."

This merger is just one of several that Inviqa has undertaken in the past several years. In addition, in the press release the company discussed the combination of Session Digital and iKOS, two agencies that have teamed up to offer new digital services. Byng will take part in this partnership.

Mobile app development and other digital services sometimes require different skill sets that more traditional software development. The right acquisition deal can help companies move forward in these areas. It helps to work with a mergers and acquisition firm to get the best deal possible.