January 11, 2014

Swiss Post International and La Poste finalize merger

In September 2012, Swiss Post International UK and La Poste UK—two European postal businesses— published a press release announcing their decision to merge and form a new company called Asendia UK. Now, a little more than a year later, SHD Magazine reports that the final stage of this transition has been completed, giving Asendia UK a fresh start to the new year. 

According to its website, Asendia UK is Europe's second largest international postal operator. With four different sites in the United Kingdom and 350 employees, it strives to provide effective mail solutions in the United Kingdom and across the globe. 

"We have combined our expertise into a cohesive and streamlined business model, enabling our customer to access a wider range of services," said Asencia UK's sales and marketing director, Lloyd Webber, in a press statement. "With an increased customer focus in 2014, customers will discover a new way of working with our end-to-end product range providing a complete solution for their marketing, goods, press and business mail fulfillment—straight to the letterbox, anywhere in the world."

As evidenced by this recent initiative by Swiss Post and La Poste, company mergers can provide a great way for complementary businesses to come together and better serve their clients and customers. These days, mergers are especially common in the technology space, particularly among startups or other relatively young companies. 

If you're a business owner considering this course of action, a mergers and acquisitions firm can help you negotiate a great deal and ensure that your company will remain successful in the future.