May 3, 2013

Technology acquisition strengthens Barcoding Inc.’s capabilities

This blog has previously discussed how two companies, regardless of their size, can find the right acquisition opportunity that benefits both parties. That is exactly what happened with Barcoding Inc., as it announced this week that it acquired Miles Technologies, Inc. According to The Wall Street Journal, this will increase Barcoding's presence in the central region of the United States and expand its radio frequency identification (RFID) capabilities.

Miles Technologies will be able to help Barcoding strengthen its enterprise-wide mobile solutions, an industry in which it is already a leader. 

Barcoding Inc. president Shane Snyder said in a statement that the company is well on its way to achieving its vision of national expansion and growth.

"Because of Miles Technologies' excellent industry reputation and expertise in RFID technology, we decided that working together would better accommodate our enterprise customers while providing us with a stronger presence in the Chicago area and beyond," he said.

Keep your M&A process smooth with the help of an expert

In order to guarantee that a technology merger or acquisition is successful like Barcoding Inc., it is important for company owners to work with experts in the M&A field. For example, if an individual was looking to sell his or her home, working with anyone other than a real estate agent would seem ridiculous. Why would selling a technology business be any different?

As some companies can be quite niche, especially when it comes to digital innovations, working with an M&A advisor will keep the process as smooth as possible. Just because an organization is acquired, does not mean that it will disappear, especially when the right opportunity is found.