July 26, 2013

Technology acquisition will affect indoor GPS market

As mobile technology becomes more common, many companies are working to improve their wireless offerings. Retailers are starting to pay attention to GPS tracking features, as indoor location tracking can help them pinpoint customer behavior. With large companies like Apple and Google investing in indoor positioning solutions, other businesses are working to keep pace.

In a short press release, Wi-Fi service provider Ruckus announced that it will acquire YFind Technologies for an undisclosed amount. YFind is a privately held indoor-positioning company, and its location-based services (LBS) will likely be used with Ruckus' Smart Wi-Fi technology to create better indoor GPS tracking functionality.

On its company website, Ruckus explained in general how it was launching a whole suite of Wi-Fi applications that will bring LBS to the forefront of its product ideas. The company added that indoor tracking could help businesses better understand their customers and create more detailed advertising.

"Ruckus said it would begin offering up a suite of location services such as indoor navigation, geo-targeted advertising and 'footfall analytics' to customers," explained a GigaOM article, adding that the acquisition was also likely an enticement to gain more enterprise Wi-Fi customers. "By layering location data on top of access, Ruckus's indoor access points become all the more useful to the business that buy them."

The news source added that when it comes to a building's interior, regular GPS technology is not enough. Those signals cannot go through roofs, let alone highlight a location within a few meters on a specific floor. This technology acquisition will help Ruckus offer more solutions to its business customers, while YFind can reach a wider audience by proving that its services are strong and highly sought-after.