June 19, 2013

Technology acquisition will help real estate company move forward

During M&A activity, it is essential for two companies to have complementary goals and ideals, as this can ensure a much smoother process in fine-tuning a technology merger or acquisition. For businesses that are being acquired, it is not guaranteed that they will shutter their doors, but often their products or services will be given a chance to continue to thrive within another organization.

This option can be beneficial to all parties involved as well as their clientele.

Such is the case with Tribus, a company that offers online business solutions for real estate and mortgage organizations. Tribus announced that it has plans to acquire SquaredR Consulting, which is a content and search marketing firm. The move will help Tribus expand its online offerings, while also giving SquaredR further opportunity to provide content to those in the housing industry.

Eric Stegemann, Tribus' director of business development, said in a press release that the technology acquisition will maximize the unique offerings of both companies and will ensure that customers have access to a well-rounded marketing plan for all of their business needs.

"Essentially, we will provide a full-scale business and marketing ecosystem that will greatly minimize the amount of time that clients are putting into these efforts, while at the same time optimizing the value of their brand," he said. 

Rachel Rusnak, founder and COO of SquaredR​, agreed, and explained in the press release that the opportunity will offer great benefits to both organizations' employees and their clients.

Rusnak will serve as director of marketing and coaching at Tribus and all of the SquaredR staff will continue on as part of the Tribus team.