March 10, 2016

Thriving during a merger or acquisition as a CIO: Part 1 [Video]

Traditionally, many CIOs felt that their IT departments were one of the last teams informed about essential components of a merger or acquisition deal. Thankfully, many organizations are now realizing the importance of fully engaging with the CIO during the transition. However, there still are many more ways CIOs can thrive during a merger. 

{merger} First, CIOs need to be involved from the start. Being engaged in initial M&A discussions will help CIOs understand what’s motivating management toward this deal and how IT can capitalize on these factors.

{merger} Secondly, learn how each company is benefiting through this deal. Then craft a plan to simplify the integration process based on these outlined goals.

Join us later for part two of this two-part video series! With the help of an experienced M&A professional, you can benefit from a seamless integration of all your M&A goals.