March 14, 2016

Thriving during a merger or acquisition as a CIO: Part 2 [Video]

CIOs must be an integral part of merger and acquisition discussions in order to thrive during a transition. As many companies within the technology industry boast complex portfolios and processes, it’s up to the CIO to navigate through these complicated waters, ensuring the success of the merger deal. Here are two more ways CIOs can thrive during this process.

Depending on the company, the IT system may or may not be at the center of an M&A deal. Regardless, it’s up to the CIO to convince the management team about the vital importance of¬†technology, and how it will factor into the current project M&A goals.¬†

Finally, along with boasting of the IT department’s strengths, CIOs must also identify any potential risks. CIOs should develop a comprehensive plan that both lessens any risks and boosts any benefits.

With the help of an experienced M&A professional, you can benefit from a seamless integration of all your M&A goals.