January 16, 2015

Tinder acquires ephemeral messaging app Tappy

Developing an app that changes the way people date will put your tech company on the map. In the mobile technology sphere, that makes an app like Tinder a hot property for acquisition, as well as a coveted place to pitch your smaller company for sale. Since its launch in 2012, the company has focused on internal development, though it just announced its first acquisition. 

Tinder will buy Chill, which created Tappy, an ephemeral image sharing and messaging platform, for an undisclosed amount. Similar apps like Snapchat have capitalized on users' demand for communication that dissolves into the ether after a set period of time. Currently, Tinder provides a similar "moment" feature which allows "matches" to share photos for a window of 24 hours. Critics have applauded the speed and design of Tappy, which Tinder could build into its standard app in the next year. 

"We're growing and recruiting like crazy," said Sean Rad, co-founder and CEO of Tinder. "It's incredibly difficult to find talented people to join us fast enough to keep up with our roadmap for 2015, which includes some ambitious plans. When I spoke with [Tappy executives], we found that our goals for two separate products were such a great match."

Adding that Tappy's breakthroughs could save Tinder time and money, Rad said the acquisition would synergize two similar modes of sharing, combining the best of both. 

Since its launch, Tinder has matched more than 5 billion individuals through its intuitive swiping platform. January is a particularly high-traffic month for matchmaking apps, as New Year's resolutions to find a partner launch singletons into action. With the capacity to build its photo service even more, 2015 will show how perfect a match Tinder and Tappy prove to be.