February 25, 2014

TruePosition acquires location services company Skyhook

Location determination and intelligences services company TruePosition recently purchased Skyhook Wireless for an undisclosed amount. Boston-based Skyhook is best known for providing location services to mobile device makers like Apple and Samsung. It has also been recognized as an industry leader in providing services for public safety and security organizations. 

Based in Berwyn Pennsylvania, TruePosition is a global leader in wireless location services. The company creates custom mobile applications for private and governmental organizations, and over 100 million people depend on the company's services daily. 

In a press release, Steve Stuut, TruePosition's CEO said that his company's latest technology acquisition would help them provide their services to an even larger group of consumers. 

"Skyhook's commercial focus balances TruePosition's safety and security strengths, and their location technology further strengthens TruePosition's ability to accurately locate mobile phones indoors," Stuut said. "We anticipate that both companies will continue to operate in their respective markets while leveraging any available operational or technological synergies."

Skyhook is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Google, reports TechCrunch. The Boston firm alleges that Google engaged in anticompetitive behavior when it pushed smartphone manufacturers to abandon Skyhook's software in favor of its own. While the acquisition by TruePosition would give Skyhook greater means to continue with the litigation, it is unclear if the newly-purchased company will use resources for this purpose. 

According to the source, the lawsuit will continue to go forward as expected. In a comment, a representative for Skyhook said that he did not expect the purchase to have any impact on the case.