April 21, 2014

Unity Technologies acquires predictive analytics platform Playnomics

It was announced recently that maker of game developing software Unity Technologies has acquired Playnomics, a tool that helps game developers solve challenges and increase player engagement, VentureBeat's GamesBeat reported.

Unity Technologies produces a development platform for creating interactive 2D and 3D gaming experiences. It allows developers to create interactive games, but one of the challenges that developers face is how to increase player engagement. This move is part of an effort to offer developers more tools to increase engagement, adding to the services that Unity already provides.

Playnomics is a marketing platform that provides predictive analytics that will be able to help developers increase player engagement. It is a personalized marketing platform that helps deliver personalized messaging to users of games and other mobile applications, according to the Playnomics website.

"Much like Everyplay (even if very differently), Playnomics works on solving the challenges that developers face in unique ways. Playnomics has developed tools that help identify the ways that players interact with games and help you as a developer to make real-time decisions on how to interact with the community to keep them having fun and coming back for more," said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies, on the company's blog. 

This acquisition strategy will allow Unity Technologies to expand its offerings to include game services. With the addition of Playnomics, Unity will be expanding its tools to allow developers to not only create games but also be enabled to improve player engagement with those games. 

In March, the company acquired Everyplay, an instant replay sharing technology that allows game players to share their experiences. The reason behind this was to not only be able to give developers tools to create games with the Unity platform, but also give them better ways of connecting with the gamer audience. These acquisitions will help the company improve their game technologies by allowing developers to figure out ways to better engage and retain players.