April 15, 2015

Web hosting marketplace GoDaddy buys Elto

For businesses in any industry, developing a strong web presence has never been more critical. That's how hosting companies like GoDaddy have pitched themselves to individuals and corporate entities who need a home for all of their content online. By selling website domains and supporting clients with design services, GoDaddy has amassed a serious following. 

Sometimes those clients can't achieve all of their marketing objectives on their own and require third-party assistance. Elto is a San Francisco-based startup that has created a marketplace for marketing professionals to find companies in need of guidance to implement a web strategy. This week, it was announced that GoDaddy has acquired Elto​, and the acquisition will likely expand the services the hosting portal can extend to its users. 

"Over the past year, GoDaddy has been working to better understand that customer base and identify their needs in order to help them grow their businesses online and offline," explains TechCrunch. "Now the company is working to expand its offerings and tools for the web professional audience, too. Today, many small business owners may own the actual GoDaddy account, but they want a web pro to handle all the work involved with their website creation and maintenance."

As part of the acquisition strategy, GoDaddy seems to understand that buying a domain is just the first step in crafting a dynamic, eye-catching website. Leaving customers at that early stage doesn't support their online presence goals, so fortifying services after domain purchase lends a more comprehensive suite of assistants. Today, companies demand more and more from their web strategy partners and Elto could improve GoDaddy's deliverables by bringing in digital strategy professionals.