May 1, 2013

Why selling your business is a step forward, not backward

When technology business owners ask themselves, "Should I sell my business?" they might not always answer in a positive manner. However, this does not need to be the case. Participating in M&A activity can be beneficial for a company's long-term success, and it can also mean that owners are able to move forward and find other entrepreneurial outlets.

According to Amy Rees Anderson, a Forbes contributor, selling a business is similar to sending a child off to college. There is excitement for the accomplishment of achieving the ultimate goal as an entrepreneur, while at the same time there is some sadness as you let go of your company.

"You just hope and pray that you have done enough to prepare the team to be okay on their own," she wrote. "There is no question that it is a very unsettling feeling, but deep down you have to trust that you have done everything you can for them and know that they will grow even more once they don't have you to rely on anymore."

Anderson added that in her own experience, she was excited to find another business opportunity, and began to work toward another entrepreneurial experience. This might not always be the case for every owner who sells, though, which is completely fine.

Perhaps an individual wants to retire when they let go of a business. Either way, an owner wants to rest assured that his or her firm will still be able to flourish under the new ownership. With the right devotion, technology mergers and acquisitions are able to benefit both companies. The business that is being acquired is not disappearing – it is being given a new growth opportunity.