October 27, 2016

Williams Commerce Buys Flint Technologies.

Ecommerce provider Williams Commerce will buy Flint Technologies to incrase its offerings.

Ecommerce sales have grown at a steady pace around the world, and are expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. In 2016,

As such, the world's leading ecommerce service providers are seeking to boost their offerings. In early October, Williams Commerce Ltd. announced that it had acquired Flint Technologies Ltd.

Williams Commerce, based in Leicester, U.K., offers ecommerce, technical integration and ERP solutions to clients around the world. It was attracted to the London-based Flint Technologies due to Flint's Magento extensions, which would help Williams Commerce offer a larger range of digital marketing services.

"Flint Technology has built an innovative business, creating high quality solutions for their client base," Williams Commerce CEO Robert Williams said in a statement. "Flint's best-in-class Magento module solutions and services are a valuable addition to our ecommerce portfolio, enabling our Magento customers to enhance their online performance."

Flint's Magento extensions include Prima, Brightpearl, Feefo, Verifone, Khaos Control, MNP's OrderActive, Shutl, The Filter and Lingo24. Williams Commerce plans to use Flint's technology to increase its London client base.

In times of technological change, ecommerce firms need to stay nimble while still providing an increasing array of services to a rapidly growing customer base. The quickest way to do this is to pair up with a trusted partner that has experience in the field. A mergers and acquisitions firm can help you negotiate a great deal that will put your company on solid footing for the future.