July 24, 2014

Yahoo acquires Flurry

As consumers and businesses increasingly turn to mobile to conduct operations and make purchasing decisions, companies that create technologies to facilitate the advancement of these capabilities may face the opportunity for a merger or acquisition deal.

Larger businesses are often on the lookout for technologies they can add to their portfolio, enabling them to provide an increased number of services or to complement existing services, thereby strengthening their competitive position in the market. 

It was recently reported in a Tech Crunch article that Yahoo is purchasing a mobile analytics firm. According to the article, Yahoo will be acquiring Flurry for between $200 and $300 million. 

Flurry is an analytics company that works on finding ways of optimizing mobile experiences. According to the company's website, it provides data that gives developers insight into the behavior of mobile customers, allowing them to create improved ads and applications. With the increasing usage of mobile devices, this type of insight can be valuable.

Yahoo is interested in the company because it will help to improve their mobile operations and capabilities. By gaining access to technology that enables companies to improve popular technologies like mobile applications, Yahoo may be able to increase the profitability of these efforts. 

There is money to be made in mobile, and data plays an integral role in being able to determine customer behavior. Companies are not only looking to buy up new technologies, but are also interested in talent. Sometimes these companies are interested in acquiring a company as a way to hire a talented team. If your company is considering a merger or acquisition deal, an M&A advisor can work with you to develop a workable strategy.