June 27, 2013

Your tech business could be the ‘diamond in the rough’

Not all business owners create a company with the intention to one day sell it. Even so, that option can often be a perfect answer to the firm being acquired as well as the organization doing the purchasing. When it comes to technology mergers and acquisitions especially, two firms with complementary ideals and business goals can both find long-term success.

Such is the case with Near Future, a low-voltage installation company specializing in cable, security, voice/data and audio-visual industries. According to a press release, the business announced that it had purchased Pecmia Technologies, which is a telecommunications firm that specializes in cell tower installation projects and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) installations.

"The Pecmia Technologies acquisition was like finding a diamond in the rough," Tyrie Jamerson, president and CEO of Near Future, said in the press release. "Pecmia has gone overlooked in the telecom industry for years because they've been performing as a Tier 2 contractor."

Jamerson added that his company has been organically growing wireless skill sets within its firms over the last few years but being able to acquire the talented resource pool from Pecmia will be extremely beneficial to the organization.

Pecmia Technologies CFO Porscha Boyd said in the press release that Near Future is experienced, capable and financially stable. Along with the transparency Near Future displayed throughout the acquisition process, Boyd explained that the decision over whether to work with the company was an easy one.

Larger companies are often on the lookout for a "diamond in the rough" that can assist in their growth and continue to offer quality products or services to customers. The right technology acquisition can cater to the needs of all parties and help them find success.